Monday, 21 May 2007

Picnic T-shirt competition (parental advisory)

Woohoo! It's competition time!

I'm sure you can barely contain yourselves.

Leave your T-shirt slogan suggestions in the comments box below. A few suggestions below from Meg should get the ball rolling.

Best slogan suggestion wins their T-shirt, professionally made by cafépress, or possibly scrawled in permanent markers. We'll see.

PS: do not worry. It is normal that you haven't received any confirmation email whatsoever. It will be sent out tomorrow, so if you don't hear from us, please get back in touch.

Meg's T-shirt ideas:


Petite Anglaise
in the bushes
five minutes ago


I do not read your fucking blog (pictured)

3) (on the name badge, pin where desired)

your link here


Will this picnic improve my stats?


what's a blog?


(front) I'm a little bit famous
(back) Overall visits: 47


rhino75 said...

I think the last one's aimed at me!

Polly said...

My favorite:

"But enough about you..."

negrito said...

IO do not fuck with my shrink because he reads my blog

The Bold Soul said...

1) Move your bloggin' ass!

2) Kiss my bloggin' ass!

3) Blog you (and the horse you rode in on).

And, moving from confrontational to philosophical:

4) If a blog fell in a forest, would anyone read it?

BTW Cafepress rocks. I set up a blog store using my original photos from Paris and the Bold Soul t-shirt came out great (I'll be wearing it Saturday in lieu of a nametag.)

Halley said...

I'm laughing too hard to come up with a slogan – I'll be back once I've collected myself.

rhino75 said...

"Shag me first, Google me later"

petite said...

Ooh. I'm liking that last one Steve.

Tin Foiled said...

I'm so excited to meet everyone, and a bit nervous about making a good first impression (you never get a second chance!)

I want to show my sophisticated side, highlight my clever wit that never stoops to the cheap or vulgar for a simple laugh. Oh, and before I forget, my picnic T-shirt theme:

"Paris bloggers take it in the Buttes Chaumont".

petite said...

The poll script is making the header turn to shit, literally.

How very puzzling...

Polly said...

Too late for poll entry, result of late night, two more suggestions:

1. Love me, love my blog

2. Let's do it bloggie-style